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We at Riyadh Ceramics are working passionately to achieve our dreams

Riyadh Ceramics is a national factory in Saudi Arabia specialized in manufacturing all kinds of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Headquartered in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Ceramics Factory has a geographical area of 100,000.00 square meters. The products are spread throughout the Kingdom and employ more than 500 employees and experts from around the world

In 2017, Riyadh Ceramics continued to grow and expand its presence through a land area of 52,000.00 square meters and a production line for decorative tiles and swimming pools to compete in the local markets and to enter several new markets. The production of the Porcelain tiles took place in 2018 Quality in operating efficiency, product quality and variety

The commitment to research and development is the cornerstone of achieving the Riyadh Ceramics vision. The development and deployment of advanced technologies is critical to the implementation of our strategy and an integral part of our operational model. We focus on creative and innovative ideas and technologies that enable us to make greater use of our resources and make these resources more useful, sustainable and competitive, which in turn will enhance our competitiveness at the regional level

Our creations are the result of research and development carried out in the internal laboratories, a heritage of unique knowledge that provides the basis for unique materials. Innovations that have been developed by combining the innovation of leading technologies and craftsmanship, with strict adherence to strict standards on product sustainability, are one of the reasons that drive us further

Our Values

These values serve as the basis for all the works of Riyadh Ceramics

Excellence in Riyadh Ceramics is a key element in all areas of work. We have a collective commitment to be proficient in what we do. We strive to achieve the best results and gain flexibility in the face of changes. We also promote excellence by setting personal challenges and not to Omission of staff development, promotion of innovation, creativity, team spirit and communication

Responsibility: It is the responsibility of all Riyadh Ceramics employees to take responsibility for their work to achieve our objectives, which helps us to succeed and maintain a place as one of the best ceramics factories in the Middle East. We are committed to these values and enhance them in business. Is our identity, and strive to have that meaning present in our minds in every behavior we act or conduct we do

Sustainability: Islam has preceded all civilizations in caring for the environment, upgrading it and benefitting it, and protecting it from corruption and pollution. In order to protect our environment and preserve it and human life, we maintain its importance by taking all measures necessary for the safety of the environment. When constructing a plant, use renewable energy sources while trying to introduce alternative energy gradually, while not neglecting the water we use and recycling

Citizenship: As one of the best ceramics factories in the Middle East, we believe in being one of the best ceramics factories in the Middle East. We strive to be a catalyst for economic growth, we respect our social responsibilities, strengthen our communities and provide a good example of building good relationships with everyone

Safety: An integral part of our culture, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all. The company provides a safe working environment that includes appropriate safety procedures and plans that are applied in the workplace and factory facilities, as safety protects us, others and the future

Proficiency: Being able to do business in Riyadh Ceramics is one of the basic ethical standards that our employees have in their activities and daily work, mastering the work and being able to extract valuable assets because they represent the factory's reputation. The basis of any company's reputation is the individual integrity of its employees.

Riyadh Ceramics does not stop creativity as the earth does not stop circulation

Supporting you

We at Riyadh Ceramics are working passionately to achieve our dreams and goals. Whatever your aspirations, whatever your projects, be confident that we are always in Riyadh Ceramics with you. We meet your needs to produce all kinds of porcelain tiles and ceramics for all uses, all around the world

Enriching Beauty

We add to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2013 the finest designs and products, and constantly demonstrating our commitment to create products of high artistic value that are characterized by the latest technologies and excellent designs reflected by our competitors' certificates and the satisfaction of our customers.